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Review — 10.03.2018

Terraforma by Adrian Pritchard, Grundy Art Gallery

Astronomical research and extra-solar planets, Robbie di Vito reviews Terraforma by Adrian Pritchard at Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool.

by Robbie di Vito

Review — 07.08.2017

The Sound of Adult Children Determined Not To Be Afraid

ICW, Blackpool

by Alison Criddle

Review — 02.08.2017


Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by James Hedley Harper

Review — 04.08.2016

Jenny Steele, An Architecture of Joy

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Tom Emery

Interview — 04.05.2016

Benjamin Orlow, Work/Leisure Residency

Abingdon Studios, Blackpool

by Michael D’Este

Interview — 26.09.2015

Grand Union × Supercollider

Supercollider; Manchester

Review — 10.07.2015

The Unspeakable Freedom Device

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Bob Dickinson

Review — 09.07.2015

The Earth Murmurs While We Sleep

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Hannah Elizabeth Allen

Review — 16.05.2014

Puppet Show – Grundy Art Gallery

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

Review — 31.03.2014

Alice Bradshaw – Museum of Contemporary Rubbish, Venn Projects

Venn Projects, Blackpool

Review — 29.11.2013

Dumb Shadow – Supercollider

Supercollider, Blackpool

Interview — 01.02.2013

Kevin Hunt

Supercollider; Aid & Abet gallery; David Gale Gallery, Glasgow