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Review — 01.10.2018

Lindsey Mendick: The Turnpike Pottery

The Turnpike, Leigh

by Ali Gunn

Review — 30.09.2018

Mitra Saboury: Growth Spurt

The Art House, Wakefield

by Karen Tobias-Green

Review — 28.09.2018

And Breathe…

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester

by Steve Slack

Review — 28.09.2018

Poly-Technic: We Are Not An Island


by Simon Boase

Review — 21.09.2018

We Are Where We Are

BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

by Grace Denton

Review — 18.09.2018

Claire Dorsett: FRONT


by Alison Criddle

Review — 17.09.2018

Furnished Archipelago

Paradise Works, Salford

by James Mathews-Hiskett

Review — 09.09.2018

On Women in the Arts: We Want Women’s Support of Female Artists


by Claire Walker

Review — 02.09.2018

This Is Shanghai at Cunard Building

Cunard Building, Liverpool

by Sinéad Nunes

Review — 31.08.2018

Blue Flag

Blyth; Headway Arts

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 30.08.2018

Susan Philipsz: The Yellow Wallpaper

Belsay Hall, Northumberland

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 24.08.2018

Film at Liverpool Biennial 2018


by Julia Johnson

Review — 24.08.2018

New Brighton Revisited at The Sailing School Gallery

The Sailing School Gallery, Liverpool

by Denise Courcoux

Review — 22.08.2018

Sophie Lisa Beresford: North East Style

Newcastle upon Tyne

by Michaela Hall

Review — 21.08.2018

A Clown Walks Into A Gallery…

Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

by Robbie di Vito

Review — 20.08.2018

BiblioTECH: from bookshelf to big data

The Portico Library, Manchester

by Claire Walker

Review — 19.08.2018

The Future Is Bright, The Past Is Colourful

Paradise Works, Salford

by Robbie di Vito

Review — 17.08.2018

Elisabeth Frink: Fragility and Power

Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal, Cumbria

by Natalie Hughes

Review — 16.08.2018

Herstory: Women Artists from the Collection of Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo

Touchstones Art Gallery, Rochdale

by Natalie Bradbury

Review — 16.08.2018

Bloc Projects Members Show 2018

Bloc Projects, Sheffield

by Yasmine Rix

Review — 15.08.2018

Empty Vessels

Bankley Studios and Gallery, Manchester

by Robbie di Vito

Review — 13.08.2018

Chris Alton and Liam Geary Baulch: The Ballad of The White Ship

serf studios, Leeds

by Saffron Ward

Review — 08.08.2018

Matt Stokes: Gogmagog – The Voices of the Bells

Holy Trinity Church, Sunderland

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 07.08.2018

Declan Colquitt & Michaela Cullen: Double Dropping on a Phantom Island

The NewBridge Project : Gateshead, Gateshead

by Lesley Guy

Review — 27.07.2018

Harriet Rickard: Poor Image Projects

34 Boar Lane, Leeds

by Anna Ratcliffe

Review — 26.07.2018

Carel Weight RA: Artist, Advisor, Collector and Benefactor

Tullie House, Carlisle

by Natalie Bradbury

Review — 25.07.2018


CFCCA, Manchester

by Beth Dawson

Review — 19.07.2018

Will Kendrick: That Hall is Woven of Serpent’s Spines

Barrow-in-Furness; Cumbria

by Natalie Hughes

Review — 19.07.2018

Sonia Boyce

Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester

by Andy Broadey

Review — 15.07.2018

Preview: COSMOS at bluedot 2018


by Jacob Bolton

Review — 12.07.2018

Mark Fairnington: Walking, Looking and Telling Tales

Cherryburn, Northumberland

by Dave Pritchard

Review — 11.07.2018

Shonky: The Aesthetics of Awkwardness

Bury Art Museum, Bury

by Paul Cordwell

Review — 29.06.2018


Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

by Miles Knapp

Review — 29.06.2018

Andy & Peter Holden: Natural Selection

Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

by Natalie Bradbury

Review — 28.06.2018

Fiona Curran & Andrew Burton: Contemporary Art at Gibside


by Dave Pritchard

Review — 28.06.2018

Dave Pearson: Return to Byzantium

The Turnpike, Leigh

by Natalie Hughes